There is music in every child...The teacher's job is to find it and nurture it..."

- Francis Clark

Music For Little Mozarts is a piano, music, and movement curriculum specifically designed for children ages 4-6.  The course centers on the adventures of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear as they learn about music.  As their adventures unfold throughout each book, they introduce the students to new musical concepts and piano performance pieces.

Two books at each of four levels guide the children through a comprehensive approach to musical learning using the piano over approximately  a two year period.



Lesson Book 1   is pre-reading. Concepts taught are: How to sit at the piano; Correct hand position; High and low; Loud and soft (forte and piano); Keyboard topography; Bar line and measure, Quarter, half, whole notes and rests; and Repeat signs. The first pieces in the book are played on the black keys. Later in the book, C D E for the RH and C B A for the LH (Middle C position) are taught with letter notes (the name of the note is written inside the note head).

Lesson Book 2   starts as pre-reading, then moves to reading on the staff. After a review, the new concepts taught are: Dotted quarter note and 4/4 time, 4/4 time, Mezzo-forte, Staff and note reading, Steps and skips, Grand staff. New notes taught are F and G in the LH and RH, completing the Middle C position.

 Lesson Book 3   is completely written on the staff. After a review, the new concepts taught are: Staccato, legato, slurs; Melodic and harmonic 2nds and 3rds; Melodic and harmonic 4ths and 5ths; f-p.; Bass clef C D E are taught for the LH. Students then know all notes necessary to play in the C position. Playing both hands together is taught near the end of the book.