The Piano is my voice, I play what I feel...”

— Raelene Bly




“Emotional, and Hauntingly Beautiful”, is how to describe Raelene's piano compositions. 

Raelene started classical training at the age of  5 and at age 12 after a horrifying stage performance she was consumed with stage fright and quit!

Raelene's love for music and improvising never stopped and at the age of 25 she took up Classical
Training once again at the University of Lethbridge. Flooded with her own musical ideas and emotions she sought out highly qualified musicians, composers and music producers to help her grow as a talented musician and music composer.  

Raelene has completed her Grade 9 Royal Conservatory and has recently completed her UMTC Teaching Certification from Ultimate Music Theory by Glory St. Germain.  Raelene has over 10 years of teaching experience and loves sharing her gift of music with children and helping them grow to be aspiring musicians!  

Raelene studied with Bente Hansen at the University of Lethbridge, who is a Pianist and Theory Professor, Elizabeth and Marcel Bergmann at Mount Royal University, who are Pianists, Performers and Marcel is a well known Classical Composer, Christiaan Ventor an amazing Film and Classical Composer, as well as Ben McMullen a talented Musician, Composer, and Music Producer.  

Over the years Raelene has worked at developing her unique style of  piano compositions, performs at small venues, and teaches out of her own home studio.  She is currently working on writing and recording her first album as well as publishing her music compositions.